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  • Bentonite ( Clay And Active Natural Oils Refining Business , Etc.)
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    Bentonite ( Clay And Active Natural Oils Refining Business , Etc.)

    Vivid Fuller's Earth is one of the leading & reputed name in the field of oil filtering industries as a supplier of various types of Bentonite (fuller's earth). A lot of hard work is put in and heavy expenses are incurred to produce high quality Bentonite to satisfy our esteemed clients.

    Our main favourable advantage is that, the creator has given one of the best quality of fuller's earth in our mines.

    To meet our customer's requirements we manufacture various grades of Fuller's Earth and also Activated Fuller's Earth (Bleaching Earth), suitable for bleaching edible oils, mineral oils, recycling lubricator oil, refining petroleum oil etc.

    We ensure the quality of our products by utilizing company's own mines with regular tests and providing the services within the time frame.

    The company is committed towards providing complete customer satisfaction and aims to be the leading service provider in the industry.




    We provide our products all over India and also export to other countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt.


    Products and Specification

    Our activated Bentonite (fuller's earth) is more suitable for bleaching and de-colourising Palm oil, soya bean oil, mustard oil and used as lubricating oil for recycling.

    Our product is the most important agent for bleaching and is used to remove colour, gums, resins and other impurities.





    Silica (SiO2)



    Alumina (Al2O3) 12.25
    FerricOxide (Fe2O3) 5.10
    Calcium Oxide (CaO) 2.95
    SodiumOxide (Na2O) 0.45
    MagnesiumOxide (MgO) 6.50

    PotassiumOxide (K2O)






    Drying Process

    About us

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    Contact us

    Add: Makkah & Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia
    Mobile: +966-503512703 (Fazul)
    Mobile: +966-557006245 (Zahid)
    Mobile: +966-561955777 (Rashid)
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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