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    Aluminum Metal Business
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    Aluminum Metal Business

    A leading producer of secondary aluminium alloy ingot, Vivid is particularly well-placed to supply your specification metal requirements.
    The full range of aluminium alloys is produced to international specifications and most importantly - can be produced to your specific engineering requirements.

    Aluminum ingot for remelting is produced by molten salt electrolysis method using alumina and cryolite. Products meet the national standard. The surface of ingot is clean and smooth.

    Appearance: silvery white


    1. mainly used for melting ingot;

    2. discontinuous melting with scrap;

    3. easy control and operation;

    4. fast melting;

    5. Used for industry such as automobile, pinning and weaving, electron broadly and so on.

    Quality Products, delivery on time, every time...

      • We focus on your specific needs
      • Production Planning aims to ensure sufficient stock is available for a flexible response to changing requirements
      • Ingots are securely strapped with heavy duty steel or plastic banding and may have additional poly-wrap if required
      • Photo’s show a range of standard bundles – Ingot bundling however, can be supplied to your individual requirements.

    Vivid offers the following services:

    • Full range of Aluminium Casting Alloy Ingots to your required specification
    • Works Contracts and scrap management – the “complete service”.

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        About us

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        Contact us

        Add: Makkah & Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia
        Mobile: +966-503512703 (Fazul)
        Mobile: +966-557006245 (Zahid)
        Mobile: +966-561955777 (Rashid)
        Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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